"Childbirth Ed was a wonderful course to take! I am a first time expecting mom and really wanted a crash course on what to expect leading up to, during, and after labor. Kylie's class touched on everything in perfect detail. Learning this material helped me develop my birth plan with my husband and I feel more comfortable about my choices. It really helped eliminate some fear I had. I also feel more comfortable approaching labor in general as I know what to look out for and what the stages typically are.
My background is in healthcare, so one thing I really liked about this course was how it discussed the science behind birth and labor (hormones, stages). At the same time, I loved how there was information on holistic approaches to things such as pain treatments (comfort measures, etc). It was a really great combination of both practices.
Kylie was super informative and very approachable. She took time to answer specific questions we had and made us feel very comfortable. She also provided an abundance of resources to us that we are happy to have to refer to. You can see her passion in teaching this material and it made an enjoyable experience for my husband and I. She made this class very fun for us! There was even a section where you and your partner get to participate with each other hands on which was very fun!
My husband and I learned what to expect as well as many techniques that we will definitely be using in the next few weeks when our baby comes! I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone expecting."

-Ann, Expectant Mom 

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Kylie as my doula, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!
From the very beginning, Kylie was incredibly supportive and informative. She took the time to understand my birthing plan and preferences, and she was always available to answer my questions and address any concerns I had. Having an evidence based birth plan was very important to me, and Kylie helped tremendously by sharing links to studies and evidence whenever I was in doubt.
During my labor, which had 5 long hours of pushing, Kylie was an absolute rockstar. She provided me with constant emotional and physical support, and her calm and reassuring presence helped me feel empowered to go through with the process. Kylie went the extra mile to make the atmosphere in the labor room as soothing as possible with special spa lights and relaxing music that even the care providers appreciated.
Kylie also provided invaluable support to my partner, guiding him on how to best assist me.
Thanks to Kylie's guidance and support, we were able to bring my sweet baby into the world. I am so grateful to have had her by my side, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring and knowledgeable doula."

-Rita, New mom and doula client

"We really enjoyed how interactive the class was, even on Zoom. The activities where we learned how to stretch and massage were great!"

-Carly, Expectant Mom

"The class was paced and organized well and it was filled with great and valuable information. I also enjoyed the intentionality of asking if we had questions throughout the process. It really helped build our confidence as we approach our due date."

-JennyLee, Expectant Mom

"Childbirth Ed was a very helpful course to take. I am expecting with my wife as first time parents and really had no idea what to expect. This course touched on all aspects of labor and delivery and I really learned a lot. I feel more comfortable approaching the hospital with my wife understanding what to expect.
Kylie was a compassionate, enthusiastic, and very educated teacher. She really helped reduce some of the anxieties around pregnancy. She made us feel very comfortable and took time to answer specific questions we had. I would highly recommend for anyone expecting a baby to take this course."

-Mike, Expectant Dad

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