BACE-certified Childbirth Educator

I am passionate about making sure pregnant people have the knowledge needed to make safe, informed decisions that fit with their beliefs and desires for their birth experiences. Childbirth education is key to preparation for labor, birth, and the postpartum period as you adjust to life with baby. Join me as we explore ways to relieve discomforts in late pregnancy, comfort measures for labor, pain relief options, tactics for laboring at home as long as possible (and why that's important!), what to pack in your hospital bag, how to make informed decisions and advocate for yourself, how to foster positive communications with your care provider, what it will be like in the immediate postpartum period, and what to expect for life with a new baby. 

Birth Doula

I trained in February 2018 to become a birth doula. Since then, I have taken many supplemental courses to help me be a better support person for pregnant and new moms, including a rebozo course taught by Gena Kirby for pain relief techniques in labor, breastfeeding basics with an IBCLC, and Spinning Babies with Lorenza Holt for helping baby move into the right position for birth. I am always seeking new ways to expand my knowledge and network heavily in the Boston area, so I am able to connect pregnant people with resources they may want if I cannot provide them. I support all kinds of birth and will help you to create a birth plan and adjust it as needed throughout pregnancy, labor, and birth. Whether you are birthing in a hospital, at a birth center, or at home, I will be by your side.

Sacred Support Doula Services
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